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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Young Players love to PLAY

The foundation of the program is built on the belief that PLAY is necessary to the creative process. The program gladly builds upon the long tradition of calling theatre-makers “players.” Young Players are encouraged and free to PLAY, while they learn from skilled teaching artists the dynamic theater traditions that encourage creativity and growth.

Children of all ages improvise, create stories, role-play, design and wear costumes, create and use props, sing, dance, make up songs, create worlds and build sets, explore movement, develop characters, interpret the classics and devise original work for performance; they PLAY in all senses of the word. This theater is genuine and it is reflective of who the children are.  They are empowered and gain a great sense of self-confidence through this process that is both thoughtful and active.

We prepare children to share stories with an audience, but this is only one part of the work. Making theater is a collective experience and we are interested in the creative process and the performance equally. Through our class-rehearsals, Young Players understand that their bodies are their instruments and that taking care of them is essential. They learn self-care tools such as warming up their bodies, voices, and imaginations, all tools that resonate beyond the class or performance; these games, exercises, and other rituals prepare them for life.

SaveMor Digital Printing has been working with Young Players Theater since 2013, and is proud to be a supporter.


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